Forthcoming Farmer School Faculty Publications

August 2012

Congratulations to the following Farmer School of Business faculty members on their forthcoming publications:

Geoff Kistruck (Entrepreneurship) will publish "Social Intermediation in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets" in the Journal of Management Studies. The paper was written with Paul Beamish, Israr Qureshi, and Christopher Sutter.

Geoff Kistruck and Brett Smith (Entrepreneurship) whose manuscript "Mitigating Principal-Agent Problems in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets: An Identity Spillover Perspective" is accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal. The paper was written with Ohio State University professors Christopher Sutter and Robert Lount.

Bryan Ashenbaum (Management) whose paper, "Connecting Strategy-linked Outsourcing Approaches and Performance" is accepted for publication in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management.