FSB China Program Breaks New Ground, Changes Students' Lives

October 2012

In 2006, the Farmer School had a radical idea. A robust, multi-year, China program. It would integrate language, cultural understanding and business requirements. Included was an extended on-the-ground learning experience in China. Six years and more than 200 students later, the Farmer School's China Business Program is still the only one of its kind in the United States.

Being unique may bring bragging rights, but what really matters is the impact on our students. The program is rigorous, demanding and requires a multi-year commitment. What makes the China Business Program attractive to Miami students?

Who better to answer that question than the students themselves? "I wanted to stretch myself. I wanted to set myself apart from the other business school students." "My main goal in participating in the CBP is to get a hands-on internship in China that could jumpstart my future career there." "I knew that China was booming and the opportunities it offered seemed like it would put me above many other business majors." "…dreams of becoming fluent in Mandarin and gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture."

Those were the dreams and expectations. Here's the reality: "I expected it to be life changing, and it was. I learned SO much about a culture so foreign to mine, in a land so foreign to mine. It was an amazing experience." "My abroad experience was priceless. You can't transport an experience like that to America." "It is not just an educational program, but gives students the opportunity to make new friends and get involved with experiences you wouldn't get anywhere else."

Our final question: "What would you tell someone who was considering enrolling in the China Business Program?" "If you're going into business, it's the best opportunity Miami provides." "The opportunities there are limitless and the experience you will gain from living in China is priceless." "I will be able to use my knowledge learned during this past summer for the rest of my life."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.