'Lottery Win' Gas Boom Farmers Fear Obama

November 2012

Economics professor, James Brock, is quoted in a Sky News (UK) story about farmers fearing they could be denied a multimillion-dollar windfall from oil and natural gas reserves beneath their feet in Ohio because of Barack Obama's desire for cleaner energy.

"Fracking," said Brock, "along with the revived car industry, was part of an "economic renaissance" in the state, where both candidates have days to win over crucial undecided voters."

He said Mr Obama had stayed out of the industry's way, which allows him to take credit for growth. Brock continued, "For Romney, that's not great because he's trying to paint the picture of the economy in this terrible position."

"It makes it hard to predict votes. It's what makes Ohio especially interesting as a swing state - there's so much optimism now and the only question is: Which candidate will benefit?"