Sitting Pretty: Farmer School Accountancy Programs Rank in Top 25...Again

November 2012

Each year, accounting faculty from across the nation vote for what they believe are the Top 25 Master's and Bachelor's Accountancy Programs. And every year, the Farmer School Accountancy Department continues to make the cut. The 2012 Public Accounting Report's 31st Annual Professors Survey was no exception with Farmer School's BA in accountancy ranking 19th and the MACC ranking 25th nationally.

"If you think of the hundreds and hundreds of accounting programs out there, to be in the same breath as any of the major programs is a compliment to our faculty, our students, and our stakeholders," said Marc Rubin, Farmer School's PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor and Chair of Accountancy. "We do strive for excellence in accounting education. It's been a tradition for many, many years that we're known as one of the better accounting schools in the country and this is just more validation of the efforts of the faculty through the ages."

Farmer School's top rankings are exceptional considering the majority of schools in the top group are larger and most have PhD programs. "Universities with PhD programs have the advantage in this because they have all the PhD graduates who get to be the voters," said Rubin. The only non-PhD accountancy programs to rank in the top 25 Undergraduate Programs category with Farmer School were University of Notre Dame, Brigham Young University, and University of Virginia.

The results of the survey are published in the October edition of the Public Accounting Report Newsletter and received by those in the public accounting profession as well as members of academia. In addition to providing positive PR, Rubin thinks the rankings also assist when attracting high quality new faculty and students, particularly from outside the United States.