Farmer School Students Launch High Street Journal

November 2012

The High Street Journal (HSJ), a new, student-run publication, launched online October 1, hopes to join the Wall Street Journal as a "must read" for Farmer School students.

"We believe the articles published in HSJ are relevant to students' development as business professionals," said Co-Editor-In-Chief Shane Fitzgerald '13 (Accountancy/Finance). "The HSJ idea was brought about by the Business Student Advisory Council as an attempt to not only provide information to students, but also to link the entire Farmer School community by providing insights about the accomplishments of faculty and students."

HSJ staff writer Paul Baechtold '13 (Interdisciplinary Business Mgt.) said he is excited about this web version because it offers a place for students to engage and contribute online. "I think HSJ is crucial for the FSB because it adds another component to the well-rounded business education we receive. Not only can students stay up-to-date with business developments that affect them, but they can become part of the dialog about solid business practices, business ethics, etc."

First-year student and staff writer, Kayla Villano (Marketing), agreed: "I think HSJ helps to connect all of FSB to the world, and it allows students to see how things they are working on can possibly be going on in the world outside of Miami. It helps students keep up with what is going on in the business world."

For the 2012-13 year, HSJ's sole focus is creating online content ( and building a readership base. HSJ's long-term goals include expanding the publication to daily online and print editions. The newspaper currently has a staff of five editors and ten writers, but this number is also expected to grow.

"Since we are a new organization, we are a great opportunity for students from all years to become involved in an organization with immediate leadership opportunities while improving writing skills-something that can go a long way when looking for an internship or a job," said Fitzgerald.

Interested in becoming a part of the HSJ team? Contact Shane Fitzgerald ( or Co-Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Cahill ( for more information.