Altman Summer Scholar Internship Program in the News

January 2014

The Altman Summer Scholar Internship Program was featured in a Soapbox Cincinnati article about innovation and startups.

Writer Kyle Stone noted, "The program offers an opportunity for students to gain at least 10 weeks of full-time work experience with a startup-which includes compensation-and provides a reimbursement to the host company for part of what the intern is paid.

Jessica Reading, Assistant Director, Page Center for Entrepreneurship explained, "Instead of it just being where students sign up for an internship and they go work for a summer, they sign up for experience in which they not only add value to an entrepreneurial company that has the need, but they learn to seek out opportunities within that company to continue to contribute to what that startup is doing and understand and connect to the entrepreneurial ecosystem."

The program's founder, Miami alumnus John Altman, served as the first director of the Thomas C. Page Center for Entrepreneurship at Miami and was the first person to be inducted into the Miami University Academy of Entrepreneurs.

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