Farmer teams bring home trophies and experience from Battle of Ohio

February 2014

Votes are in, the teams have returned and we have winners! The third Annual Battle of Ohio Case Competition, sponsored by Deloitte Consulting, took place this past weekend, and Farmer students are bringing home the trophy-or, in this case, a plaque.

Each year, Deloitte Consulting sponsors the Annual Battle of Ohio at the University of Dayton, where each university business department in Ohio sends teams to compete. The teams are given a case study; this year it featured Tesla Motors and questions in regard to their supply chain, the current market for electric vehicles, and strategies to improve sales over time. Each team was given one week to prepare a solution and fifteen-minute presentation based on market research.

Out of twelve teams participating, Farmer's two teams placed first and third. The team members for the first place group, pictured right, were: Kyle Sutter, Sam Korach, Mary Tehrani, and Charlie Catino; members for the third place group were: Erika Folk, John Bouhall, Jason Milliken, and Nate Koska. Mary Tehrani and Erika Folk were both recognized as Best Presenters for the competition.

The participating schools were Miami, University of Dayton, Wright State University, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Denison University, and Case Western University.

Both Mary Tehrani and Erika Folk lauded the experience as rewarding and important in terms of career goals and practice dealing with real-world situations."What was really cool for me was that I was able to learn how to work on a team in a very intense, short-term time frame," said Mary, a junior Marketing major. "It was important for me to get a taste of what the industry is like and whether I will like working within it or not-and participating in this competition helped with that. It was like having a client for a week."

"The experience you gain from this case competition and others like it is invaluable," said Erika, a junior Marketing major. "It is the best practice for the real world regardless of if you want to do consulting or not. It is also a great way to network with companies and get your name out there in a setting outside of the interview process. The companies that put these competitions on will remember you, and will take note of the fact you are willing to take on challenges outside of just the demands of homework and exams that go along with your classes."

The Annual Battle of Ohio Case Competition takes place in the fall at the University of Dayton. For information on how to get involved, please contact Marketing professor Jan Taylor at