CBE Announces Sponsored Student Fellows

February 2014

The Center for Business Excellence is proud to announce three sponsored student fellows that will be working with the Center in the spring as part of an initiative to give students a leg up in the professional realm by providing them with opportunities to interact with professionals and to obtain valuable leadership experience. Lauren Schroeder, Mary Tehrani and Ania Furmanava (pictured at right) will serve as the sponsored fellows for the coming semester.

Student Fellows are vital to the work environment at the CBE. They work with faculty, professionals, and peers to pursue innovative, interdisciplinary activities focused on creating and sustaining long-term value for organizations. They organize conferences, meet with executives, and set up events for the Center. In the past, student fellows have helped develop and implement numerous initiatives, including the Annual Executive Conference; the CBE/Duke Energy Inter-University Case Competition; the CBE/KPMG Curriculum Development Initiative and the CBE Beta Alpha Psi Sustainability Reporting Initiative. The opportunity to sponsor student fellows began this past fall when EY and the CBE Advisory Board committed to sponsoring Fellows for the 2013-14 academic year.

The fellows already have a sense of what it takes, as all three have worked with the Center for Business Excellence in some capacity in the recent past. Lauren and Ania are both continuing their work as EY Fellows, while Mary has served as the lead in the initiative to gain sponsors that will fund additional sponsored student Fellows.

Lauren Schroeder is excited to continue her work with the CBE as the lead on Miami University's sustainable reporting initiative. She and four other students have been tasked with writing and organizing Miami's first sustainability report. Lauren herself is in charge of all the different groups involved in writing the report. She also attends monthly meetings of the university's Sustainability Committee and presents on this subject to the board of advisors.

Lauren is passionate about Miami's commitment to sustainability, and about the benefits of being the EY Fellow for the CBE. "Working at the Center has just been amazing as a student," she said. "This is me on my own-no one is telling me when things have to be done. I'm pretty much my own boss. I'm acquiring a lot of skills I never would have learned just in the classroom."

Mary Tehrani will serve as the CBE Advisory Board fellow for the coming semester. Her primary focus is to solicit top business executives and secure funding for additional student Fellows. She calls these funding opportunities "experiential scholarships" because of their hands-on nature. Mary's work in soliciting funds will help allow projects like Lauren's to continue. "I get to represent the Center itself," Mary said. "It's definitely an honor."

Ania, also a current EY Fellow, will focus primarily on organizing the CBE's Annual Executive Conference and updating and developing the CBE's website. "CBE has been making a tremendous impact on me as a student and as a future professional," Ania said. "Thanks to the Center, I was able to participate in a number of networking events and conferences where I was able to learn and significantly expand my professional network. Working with the CBE is an ongoing process with great opportunities and bottomless potential."

The Fellows' experience was summed up by Lauren: "This has opened so many doors for me."