BSAC and Target team up to support local teen center

April 2014

Farmer School students are helping give back to the community with a service project aimed at maintaining a safe haven for at-risk teens in the area. This is the second community service project that the Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC) has undertaken to benefit Living Water Ministry in Hamilton, OH. Living Water's Teen Center provides after-school programs for grades K-12. The goal of the center is to create a safe, inviting space for at-risk students to go as an alternative to being on the streets, and BSAC and Target are helping by donating items to will make the space more inviting and home-like for these students.

Last year, a $2,000 grant from Target was awarded to BSAC to support this project. This year, the grant was increased to $3,000. The grant request was written by Franklin Popek, a sophomore Supply Chain and Operations Management and Marketing double major. Franklin is grateful for the experience and for Target's willingness to help. "Not only does the grant allow us donate more," he said, "but it allows our members to be able to engage more in community service. Without the help of Target, we could not make the same significant impact in the community. We have been awarded a grant for two years now, and in future years, we hope to continue what has now become an annual event."

BSAC members journeyed to Target on Sunday to pick up items for the Teen Center. In keeping with the "safe haven" theme, they picked out décor items such as lamps, pillows and furniture. On Wednesday, April 16, BSAC delivered these items to the Teen Center in Hamilton. "This is such a treat for the children," said Living Water Executive Director Cathy Hester. "It says a lot about the Miami students that are involved, because it's not something typically that I think most would even think about during their busy academic time. We have strong relationships in the community and church support, but the Farmer School students have taken it a step further. Just that they even think to do this is what is so awesome to me."

"It is always touching to see the kids, their smiles and their excitement," Franklin said. "It is rewarding and humbling for us to give back to children who live a very different day-to-day life than us. Through this project, we hope to bring a sense of relief, encouragement and guidance to the lives of those children, as we know that all of them have a gift to offer the world, it just needs to be discovered and uncovered."