ISA-Marketing major taking her education to the next level

May 2014

Business student Sarah Greathouse has had a pretty great semester. During the month of April she had the chance to accomplish quite a few things and expand her educational horizons thanks to a lot of hard work and the professors at FSB.

Sarah, a junior with an ISA and Marketing double major, had a full week of projects and opportunities from 4/14 to 4/21. Here's a glimpse: she was able to use Tobii software to track the eye movements of Pop-Tart consumers for a class project; she gave a presentation to board members of The Oxford Free Clinic (local nonprofit) and also presented to Fortune 500 retailer Target; was elected president of Green Oxford, Miami's largest environmental club; she shadowed the wine distributor Heidelberg and accompanied their On-Site Manager to multiple sales calls and a supplier meeting; and got to experience Miami's virtual reality lab, which houses millions of dollars' worth of equipment like the Oculus Rift. What a week!

Sarah said that the presentation to Target was the most rewarding of the week because of the hard work her team was able to accomplish and because of the opportunity it gave her to present fresh ideas from an outside perspective to a Fortune 500 company. Among other ideas, the team brainstormed an "augmented reality app" that would allow a customer to hold a smart phone over a piece of furniture in the Target catalogue and then hold the phone up to see what the furniture would look like in any space-and then the customer would be able to purchase said item. Neat!

Sarah started out as an ISA major and picked up Marketing as a double major this semester as a way to supplement her education and get outside what she would normally be doing. "Jumping outside of my comfort zone into this has been exciting and scary, because I like it," she said.

Sarah thanked Jan Taylor specifically for helping her get out of her comfort zone and into the Marketing major. "She helped me realize that marketing is about finding out people's needs and helping people," she said. "Miami teachers are good at helping students, but Jan is astronomical in that regard."