Wall Street Journal Highlights Highwire

October 2014

Highwire Brand Studio was the focus of a September 30th Wall Street Journal article about agencies and brands turning to digitally-savvy students for insights and perspectives.

WSJ interviewed Scott Hess, SVP Human Intelligence for Spark, this semester's Highwire client. Hess (MU '89), frequently tapped as a millennial expert, explained, "We need new energy and fresh perspectives. We need people who have grown up as digital natives."

Hess continued, "These guys are discovering a lot of the things they're doing in their day-to-day life are of huge value to older people in the workplace who don't know it as intuitively. With digital media, the "cost of testing ideas is very low, and when you see something hit, then it's well worth investing,"

Spark, which is a part of Publicis' Starcom MediaVest Group, said that one of its fashion clients is also working with Miami U students on social media marketing tactics.

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