Duke Energy Announces Continued Support of the Center for Business Excellence Inter-University Case Competition

December 2014

Duke Energy announced the fourteen Ohio and Kentucky organizations who are included in their 2014 Environmental Grants. The Center for Business Excellence at the Farmer School received $50,000, the largest grant presented this year.

The Duke Energy Inter-University Case Competition is designed to help Duke Energy in its mission to improve, grow, and reduce its impact on the environment. The program involves high-caliber university students (both undergraduate and graduate students) competing against student teams from their own schools (in the fall semester) and against other schools (in the spring semester) over the entire academic year to develop actionable solutions to the case year's given problem.

The competition encourages students to aspire to become effective organizational leaders focused on long-term value by identifying solutions to challenging issues that faced by organizations that balance many, often conflicting, stakeholder expectations. A two-year (2012-13 and 2013-14) pilot study was also sponsored by Duke Energy. It allowed the Center for Business Excellence (CBE) to develop a case program (and STEM secondary school curriculum) of significant value to students (college and high school), business professionals, and academics.