FSB Teams Conquer Battle of Ohio

December 2014

The Deloitte Consulting Battle of Ohio might appropriately be called "The Battle of Farmer School Teams." The annual case competition attracts teams from Ohio-based universities to consider a complex business issue and present their recommendations. The University of Dayton was the host school for the eleven teams competing in the 2014 competition, which is modeled after Deloitte's successful Battle of the Beltway Case Competition, which occurs annually in the Washington, DC area.

This year, the case subject was AeroVironment, a company that is looking for innovative ways to increase the use of additive manufacturing (3-D printing ) into its unmanned drone production and design.

The Farmer School (FSB) brought two teams to the "battlefield", and when the results were tallied, the FSB team of Mark Cialone, Madison Weber, Lauren Curtis and Alex Vielmetti (pictured)was awarded first place, and the FSB team of Franklin Popek, Haley Johnson, Eric Niehaus and Joe Wavering placed third……the same results FSB teams recorded in 2013. Additional honors for FSB included two of the three best presenter awards, won by Mark Cialone and Joe Wavering.