Busy First Semester for Allison Jones-Farmer

January 2015

L. Allison Jones-Farmer, Van Andel Professor Business Analytics, had a busy first semester at the Farmer School. In addition to her full teaching load, she had eight articles accepted for publication in industry publications. They are:

Bell, R.C., Jones-Farmer, L.A., and Billor, N. A Distribution-Free Multivariate Phase I Location Control Chart for Subgrouped Data from Elliptical Distributions. Forthcoming in Technometrics.

Saleh, N., Mahmoud, M.A., Jones-Farmer, L.A., Zwetsloot, I., and Woodall, W.H. Another Look at the EWMA Control Chart with Estimated Parameters. Forthcoming in Journal of Quality Technology.

Jones-Farmer, L.A., Woodall, W.H., Steiner, S., and Champ, C.W., A Review and Perspective on Phase I of Statistical Process Control. Forthcoming in Journal of Quality Technology.

Hazen, B. T., Boone, C. A., Ezell, J. D., & Jones-Farmer, L. A. Data Quality for Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data in Supply Chain Management: An Introduction to the Problem and Suggestions for Research and Applications. Forthcoming in International Journal of Production Economics.

Smith, H.W., Megahed, F., Jones-Farmer, L.A., and Clark, M. Using Visual Data Mining to Enhance the Simple Tools in Statistical Process Control. Forthcoming in Quality and Reliability Engineering International.

Megahed, F. and Jones-Farmer, L.A. “A Statistical Process Monitoring Perspective on Big Data.” Forthcoming in Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control, 2014.

Walker, A.G., Jones-Farmer, L.A., DeBode, J.D., Smither, J.W., and Smith, R.D. Using Latent Profile Regression to Explore the Relationship between Religiosity and Work-related Ethical Judgments. Forthcoming in Journal of Religion and Business.

Bourrie, D.M., Cegeilski, C.G., Jones-Farmer, L.A., and Sankar, C. Identifying Characteristics of Dissemination Success Using an Expert Panel. Forthcoming in Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.