Inter-Divisional Agile Initiative Awarded Provost's Innovation Fund Grant

March 2015

Miami University today announced the awarding of a $120,000 Provost’s Innovation Fund grant to establish Miami as a leader in using Agile in higher education and help other academic institutions to adopt Agile. This collaborative effort between the departments of Management, Information Systems & Analytics, Computer Science & Software Engineering and Computer & Information Technology seeks to leverage Miami’s already-established foundation in Agile, funded, in part through a partnership with Suncorp, which provided financial support to teach Agile through the Agile Launchpad course and offer scholarships to students studying Agile.

There are three major goals of the project: 1. Expand Miami faculty's knowledge of Agile, 2. Produce graduates who use Agile for learning, discovery, reflection, and innovation throughout their careers, and 3. Build the capacity to offer fee-based professional education, particularly to other higher education faculty or staff.

Miami has established a foundation in Agile. The Agile Launchpad interdisciplinary course is the first university course anywhere to be accredited by the ICAgile. The 2014-15 Agile University Faculty Learning Community, with faculty from each of Miami’s six academic divisions, is exploring how to re-contextualize Agile to improve student learning. This project will build on these foundations to establish Miami as a national leader for using and teaching Agile.

The importance of this project is underscored by employers such as Suncorp, Kroger, Cardinal Health, and Grainger and others, actively seeking to recruit Miami graduates with knowledge in Agile from both the Farmer School and the College of Engineering and Computing.