Provost’s Innovation Fund Grant Helps Farmer School Close the “Gap”

March 2015

Miami University today announced the awarding of a $175,000 Provost’s Innovation Fund grant to support the development of a Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS), expected to be operational this year. This collaborative initiative between the departments of Information Systems & Analytics (ISA), Statistics, Computer Science & Software Engineering and Marketing seeks to answer the urgent and growing need for graduates in all areas with deep analytics skills.

ISA Chair Skip Benamati noted, “Our corporate partners, including IBM, Cardinal Health, Ernst & Young, Dunhumby, Kroger and Suncorp have been clear about their present and future needs. The Center for Analytics and Data Science will allow us to better address those needs by providing a framework to expand and develop the analytics, data and information science capabilities on campus, not only for future generations of students, but for faculty and staff members as well.”

CADS will provide professional development for Miami students, faculty and staff in analytics and data science. Disciplines ranging from biology, public administration, and healthcare, to marketing, supply chain, and others rely on data to support decisions. While these fields vary greatly, the common factor is the need to gather, store, manage, process, and analyze data and communicate the results.

CADS is designed to address the growing "Analytics Skill Gap", where there will be an estimated shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 workers with deep analytics skills and a 1.1 million person shortage of analytically literate managers. The Center will develop interdisciplinary academic programs that focus on these high demand skills, partner with external and internal organizations to develop experiential learning opportunities and foster interdisciplinary collaborative research.