Legacy Extended

April 2015

The Farmer School chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) has a rich history of sustained excellence. While we are proud of their success, we also understand that “success” can become expected, creating tremendous pressure for successive years of chapter members.

In 2014, our PSE chapter won their tenth Top Chapter award…so what greater heights could the 2015 chapter members hope to achieve? Lesson learned. Never underestimate our students’ ability to rise to, and beyond, any challenge.

• Top Gold Chapter (1st) • Sustained Excellence Award • Top Management Team (1st) • Top Marketing Research (2nd) • Top Service Project (2nd) • Recruitment Fair Challenge (2nd) • Top Public Relations Strategy (2nd) • Top Project Manager (1st) • President's Award (1st) • Top PSE Salesperson (2nd) • Three Scholarship Winners