Student Research Collaboration with Professors Featured in USA Today

July 2015

MAcc student Sam Korach's research with professors Tim Eaton and Patrick O’Brien isn't just relevant to college students. Its universal appeal resulted in a feature story in USA Today.

The article, titled, "What Employers Really Look For In Recent College Graduates" appeared in the July 22nd edition.

The article answers six top student questions: What role do grades really play in the recruitment process; do extracurricular activities, varsity sports and jobs really matter, and if so, how are they factored in; how much leeway is given for students who may have a lower GPA, but a rich resume; how does an employer narrow down an entire book of resumes from a university’s Career Center to 16 students who get the opportunity to interview when a recruiter comes to campus; what’s the magic formula to get on the interview list, and to get asked to go on a second interview and are different criteria required to land an interview versus ultimately landing a job?

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