Princeton Review Names Entrepreneurship Program at the Top

November 2015

The Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business is the top-ranked program in The Princeton Review list of "Top 25 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs for 2016" among schools with an exclusively undergraduate focus. This is the eighth consecutive year the Institute has been included in the prestigious Top 25 list. The list was announced today, Nov. 10.

The Institute was ranked as the #6 public school and 11th school in the nation overall. Brett Smith, Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship & Founding Director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship, remarked, "We have worked hard to ensure that the quality of our program has been maintained while our program has more than doubled in size in the last two years. We look forward to the new student course offerings and experiential learning opportunities coming on line in 2016, including an emphasis on creativity and innovation. I am pleased that the dedication of our faculty, alumni and our students has been recognized and rewarded.”

Matt Myers, Farmer School Dean and Mitchell P. Rales Chair of Business Leadership, added, "The Institute is an outstanding example of what is right with higher education - collaboration, experiential learning, a wide diversity of voices and thought. With students, faculty, alumni and mentors working as a team."

Rankings are based on surveys sent to school administrators at more than 2,000 institutions. Factors involved in the evaluation include: commitment to entrepreneurship both in and out of the classroom, number of mentorship programs, scholarship funding, grants and successful involvement in entrepreneurial endeavors by students, faculty and alumni.