The Farmer School of Business and Miami
University presents...
Discover U in Business Summer Program

Sponsored by

The David J. Joseph Company

Thursday, June 20-Saturday, June 22, 2019
(Application deadline-Monday, May 20, 2019)


Program Description

Discover U in Business is designed to expose top multicultural high school students to the Farmer School of Business and to top global businesses in the country. The Discover U in Business camp targets students from historically underrepresented populations or who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Students representing different ethnic/racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Selected students will participate in workshops focusing on leadership, social media, branding, teams, and professional development workshops. Students will take tours of Cincinnati’s top businesses and network with recruiters who have strong relationships with the Farmer School of Business. Students will have the opportunity to network with Miami graduates who serve as powerful leaders and innovators in their field!

Discover U in Business is a three-day summer program. Students will spend two nights in a residence hall on campus and dine in one of our many dining facilities. Selected students will not have to pay to attend but will need to make arrangements to get to campus. Applicants must be high school SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, or SENIORS in fall 2019, haveĀ at least a 3.0 gpa or higher, and reside in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus or Cleveland area. Students in other geographic areas may also apply.

Discover U in Business provides an excellent opportunity to network Miami faculty, administrators, alumni and recruiters. Participants will also learn more about college life, working in teams, and developing your interpersonal skills while learning more about the world of business. Please email Michelle Thomas or call 513.529.4236 if you have any questions.

Apply Today! Deadline is Monday, May 20, 2019

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What year will you be this upcoming FALL 2019?:

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If you are accepted into the program, your parent/guardian is welcome to attend the Thursday, June 20 reception/dinner before departing the camp. Due to space constraints, ONE Parent/Guardian is welcome to attend this event. Your parent or guardian is also welcome to attend the lunch/awards ceremony on Saturday, June 22. Again, due to space constraints, ONE Parent/Guardian is welcome to attend this event. Students depart with parent/guardian immediately following the lunch/awards ceremony. Please list your parent/guardian's information below:

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Please list all high school activities and leadership positions held:

Personal Statements help us become acquainted with you in ways different from courses, grades, test scores and other objective data. Statements demonstrate your ability to organize thoughts and express yourself. Please respond to ONE of the following prompts. Please limit your answer for the essay to a maximum of two pages double-spaced and indicate the question you chose to answer.

  • Tell us how you define diversity, what diversity means to you, and how you will contribute to a diverse college community.
  • What is something you are passionate about and how have you used that passion to make a difference?
  • As an emerging leader, what talents or strengths have you relied on most in your daily life?
  • What do you hope to learn at the Discover U in Business Program?