FSB Europe. Photo collage: A red phone box outside of a Cathedral in England. A group of students in a tower. A group of students against the backdrop of a european town. An ornately carved tower. A village at the foothills of a mountain.

Courses and Requirements

Students participating in this program will take MGT 304 (3 credit hours) and ECO 356 (3 credit hours).


2.6 GPA by January 2018 and 28 earned hours by May, 2018.  Course prerequisites MGT 291, ECO 201 and ECO 202 must be completed prior to program departure.  Students must also meet the FSB Study Abroad Eligibility Policy Standards (see policy) and be at least 18 by the program departure date. 34 students will be enrolled in this workshop.

Second Semester Expectations: 

During second semester there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address background learning and travel tips. 

Courses Offered:

MGT 304:  Cross Cultural Management    (3 credit hours)      Prerequisite:  MGT 291

This course is designed to familiarize students with the major concepts used in managing people in diverse environments, both internationally and domestically.  In addition to learning about a variety of cultures, students can become more adept at thinking about issues from multiple perspectives.

taught by faculty from Audencia School of Management, in Nantes

ECO 356:   Poverty and Income Distribution     (3 credit hours)      Prerequisite:  ECO 201, ECO 202

Application of economic analysis to poverty, income inequality, and factor shares. Discussion of determinants of earnings, including education, ability, and discrimination. Analysis of efficiency and costs of programs to reduce poverty, such as minimum wages, cash transfers, and in-kind transfers.

taught by Janice Kinghorn