FSB Explore Asia. Photo collage: a group of students in front of the Shanghai skyline holding a Miami flag. Other photos of students at asian temples and other landmarks.

Courses and Requirements

Students participating in this program will take BUS 299 (3 credit hours) and MGT 291 (3 credit hours).  


2.60 GPA by January 2018 and 28 earned hours by May 2018.  Students must also meet the FSB Study Abroad Eligibility Policy Standards (see policy).  Students must be at least 18 by the program departure date. 30 students will be enrolled in this workshop.

Second Semester Expectations: 

During second semester there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address background learning and travel tips. 

Courses Offered:

BUS 299:  Introduction to Business and Finance Asia    (3 credit hours)

Introduction to Business and Finance in Asia examines the financial systems in Asia with emphasis on China, South Korea, and Japan. It also explores the history of relations between countries in Asia with those in Europe and the United States. By the end of the course students will be able to articulate a basic understanding of the history between Asia and the west, explain the differences between the systems in which financial managers operate in China, South Korea, and Japan, and be able to compare and contrast Asian systems with those in Europe and the United States.

taught by Dr.David Shrider

MGT 291:  Introduction to Management & Leadership    (3 credit hours)

Introduction to the importance of investing in human capital. Students are introduced to the theories and practices of how to attract, develop, and retain a competitive workforce. The goal of this course is to help students better understand, predict, and manage themselves and their work relations with others and with organizations, and to understand how organizations utilize this knowledge to design competitive management practices.

taught by Dr. Peng Wang