FSB Argentina. Photo collage: Argentina beach panorama, a house facade, an alleyway, a beach, a group photo on a stone wall, and a group photo in front of the city


Tuition and fees are set by Miami University's Bursar Office. Program fees include room & partial board, field trips, tour sites, etc.
(Students are responsible for medical insurance as required by Miami University and personal expenses).

Fees Paid to Miami In-State Out-of-State
Program Fees Include:
    Air fare - (Buenos Aires to Mendoza, Mendoza to Santiago) $600.00
    Housing/hotels $1,600.00
    Third Party Provider $1,200.00
    Tours $276.00
    Group Pre-Departure dinner $24.00
    Ground Transportation $300.00
    Meals $500.00
Total Program Fees $4,500.00
Academic Fees* $3,338.60 $5,387.87
Total Cost: (Paid to Miami) $7,838.60 $9,887.87
Personal Expenses**  
Flight from U.S. to Buenos Aires, AR; return from Chile $1,300.00
Class Materials $270.00
Chile Exit Fee $18.00
Souvenirs, non-program meals $700.00
Total: $2,288.00

* Tuition rates are subject to change by the University.

** Expenses will vary according to level of personal spending. This expense will include personal shopping and other personal spending/expenses. We strongly recommend that you plan to take enough money in order to enjoy your experience comfortably. In addition, an emergency source of funds, such as a credit card, should be arranged for in case of difficulties.