FSB Asian Financial Markets - a photo collage made up of photos of groups of students and Asian landmarks

Student Stories

Student traveling abroad, holding sign that says   "I have traveled to a lot of places in my life time and by far the trip I found the most beneficial was the Asian Financial Markets trip. As a young female professional, this trip allowed me to meet and learn business and cultural customs in an area of the world very few people are fortunate enough to go to. This program allowed me to grow in so many ways such as being able to figure out how to get around in a foreign country without knowing the language to getting to experience part of a part of the world that is becoming more an more important to the business world. AFM allowed me to talk to various executives that whole heartedly support Miami alumni and it also allowed me to make a group of friends that I still have day to day conversations with. I wanted to participate in AFM so I could learn more about finance around the world but I gained much more than that in the three weeks I was there."
-Hannah Tzeghai
Student traveling abroad, holding sign that says "I chose to do the program not only because of practical reasons (credits toward my major, scheduling purposes, and the company visits), but also because I wanted to be challenged in a way that I had never been before. I figured I could easily go to Europe, Australia, etc. anytime, but that China was somewhere that not a lot of people ever venture to. I believe that participating in the AFM trip was one of the best choices I have ever made not only for furthering my education, but most importantly for my growth and development as an individual. Experiencing a culture/history/people that are so unfamiliar to the vast majority of people was something that I will always cherish. Because of AFM, with great appreciation I can say that any misconceptions and judgements I had prior to my trip were completely eradicated. To have a substantial insight like this at a young age is such a blessing. The conscious change I made about how my perspective and approach towards any type of differences and newness, whether they are small or large, is a quality that I will possess for the rest of my life. I would highly encourage anyone to participate in AFM, especially if you think its not for you." 
-Kaleigh Theurer