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Application Process

Applications for FSB Australia will open online March 12, 2018.


  1. Course and Program Prerequisites Required: Track 1 – MKT 291, MGT 291, FIN 301, 90 earned hours by December 2018, and a 2.70 G.P.A. by August 2018 are required for MKT 495. Track 2 -  MKT 291, 45 earned hours by December 2018, and a 2.50 G.P.A. by August 2018 are required for MKT 412. Winter Term accepted students must be available in the fall for the pre-departure meetings.  All course prerequisites must be complete prior to the beginning of the program. Students must be 18 by the time of departure.
  2. Information Session Attendance Required for the first round.  Click here for dates, times, locations.   The FSB Winter Program roster is usually filled by the end of September, but may fill as early as July.  ** Info sessions are not required to apply in the second or final round.
  3. Disciplinary Record Requirement: All applicants must submit a disciplinary waiver form.  Acceptance to a program will be based, in part, on a review of each student’s disciplinary records. The nature of the offense, date of the offense, and disciplinary status will be considered. Students on disciplinary probation may not participate in a Farmer School of Business winter workshop.  Please see the FSB Eligibility Policy.

How to Apply

 Apply on-line at www.studyabroad.miamioh.edu

A Completed Application is

  • Attendance to an information session (mandatory for first round applications ONLY)
  • A disciplinary waiver form signed electronically on-line.
  • All required pre-decisions electronic signature forms and tasks must be completed
  • An application submitted online.

Application Deadline

  • Priority deadline is April 8, 2018. All completed applications will be considered.
  • Second round applications begin April 9 with rolling acceptance until the roster is full.

Notification Date

  • Priority Round: Students who complete their application by April 8th will receive notification by April 23rd.
  • Second Round: rolling notification will be sent out by e-mail within two to three weeks of student's application being completed. 

Deposits & Payments (For accepted students)

  • The deposit for this program is $1,000.00, due by May 7 or upon acceptance.  The deposit is refundable until June 11th.
  • The remaining balance must be paid in 2 installments due June 11th and August 1st. **NOTE:  The entire program fee must be paid by August 1, or students will be dropped from the program.
  • Academic tuition and fees will be billed to your spring semester bursar bill.