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Courses and Requirements

The Global Business Programs through the Farmer School of Business are open to all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites.  The Management 291 track students will take MGT 291 (3 hours) and BUS 420 (3 hours).  The Management 399 track students will take MGT 399 (3 hours) and BUS 420 (3 hours). 


2.60 GPA by August 2017, and 45 earned hours by December 2017. All students must also meet the FSB Eligibility Policy Standards (see policy).  Please note that priority will be given to FSB students and rising seniors for this program.  Students must be at least 18 by the program departure date. 

First Semester Expectations

During first semester there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address some course work as well as travel and cultural preparation.

Courses Offered

MGT 291: Introduction to Management and Leadership (3 credit hours)   

Taught by: Dr. Joe Rode

Introduction to the importance of investing in human capital. Students are introduced to the theories and practices of how to attract, develop, and retain a competitive workforce. The goal of this course is to help students better understand, predict, and manage themselves and their work relations with others and with organizations, and to understand how organizations utilize this knowledge to design competitive management practices.

BUS 420: FSB International Studies/Australia (3 credit hours)

Taught by: Dr. Joe Rode

The class provides and introduction to the history, culture, geography, business environment, economy, and language of Australia, while students travel on the FSB International program. Survey of the interrelationships of world business operations; an introduction to current conceptual perspectives; cultural, political/legal and economic constraints, the international financial and trade frameworks, and the problems, challenges, and opportunities facing the multinational corporation in a particular country or region of the world.
Prerequisite: enrollment in School of Business Australia winter term  international program.

MGT 399: Sustainable Supply Chain in Australia (3 credit hours)

Taught by: Dr. Lisa Ellram

This course is specially designed to study supply chain and sustainability in the Pacific Rim.