New Business Org = New Opportunities

February 2013

Looking for a business organization with tons of leadership and real-world learning opportunities? Farmer School's newest coed professional fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, fits the bill.

"We are currently 83 members strong, so we tend to be a tighter knit group, and being so new, we are not stuck in our traditions," said founding chapter president Becky Spiewak. "This newness gives members great opportunities to put their ideas into action and really be part of something that's changing and growing."

The new fraternity chapter takes its focus on economics and business, particularly international business, very seriously, with trips, speakers, conferences, and workshops. "When it comes to international travel, we take pride in how many of our members study abroad. This upcoming semester we hope to start a study abroad panel where the members who most recently returned from their programs will share their experiences and answer any questions for our members who wish to pursue a study abroad program in the future," said Kelsey Malof, sophomore and Phi Chi Theta Marketing and Recruitment co-chair.

A large alumni base and 40 chapters make Phi Chi Theta a terrific networking tool. In fact, the Farmer School chapter has teamed up with another newly founded chapter at Ohio University in order to expand their reach.

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