Farmer School Makes Connecting Easier with FB, Twitter, & Instagram

February 2013

Whether you're a student, faculty member, alum, or prospective student, Farmer School's new emphasis on social media offers the best way to stay in the know. Simply 'like' or 'follow' FSB on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

"Students should follow and friend us because we consistently post about executive speakers coming to Farmer, the business organizations that are recruiting, FSB's international department, and articles from big newspapers like the Wall Street Journal," said sophomore marketing student Jessica Byke. "Prospective students get an inside look at what a business student's life is like through pictures we post of students studying in Forsythe Commons or picking up a Dividends' salad. And it's important for the faculty because it keeps them informed on what's going on outside of their classrooms."

The new social media push is a joint effort. Byke and fellow Business Student Advisory Council members Mike Sewell, Rachel Dawson, Sarah Greifenkamp, and Alex Niekamp share the work of posting, tweeting, and adding photos with FSB's External Relations staff members.

Within a very short time, the Farmer School has built a following with more than 1,800 FB page likes and 626 Twitter followers. Click the links on the right to join our growing "family."