Farmer Student Leads Successful Double Life

March 2013

We love our nationally-ranked Redhawks hockey team so much that FSB students stand in line for hours to get into games. Last weekend, many cut their spring break vacations short, driving directly to The Goggin to cheer the team onto victory in their last-ever CCHA game in Oxford.

For Farmer School students and faculty, it was also the final opportunity to cheer on some of our own. More than 25% of the team are business majors. Five are seniors. Last Sunday, Steve Spinell, Curtis McKenzie, Joe Hartman, Garrett Kennedy and Steve Mason, hit the ice in Steve Cady arena for the last time.

For team Captain and finance major Steve Spinell, it was also a time for reflection. Being a varsity athlete is demanding, physically and emotionally. While most students are relaxing, kicking back with friends or catching up on sleep, student athletes are traveling, practicing and working out. Combining that with the high expectations and heavy workload of a Farmer School student, and successfully living this double life is a daunting task.

Spinell shakes it off. "You have to sacrifice down time to get work done in order to stay on top of it all." Looking back, he has no regrets. "I love the campus. The Goggin and FSB are two of the most beautiful buildings I've seen on any campus and each is highly regarded on the national stage. This school has given me a lot and has taught me a lot about myself as well. I wouldn't do it any other way."

Love for the Farmer School runs deep in the Spinell family. Steve's sister, Samantha, graduated in '11 with a double major in Marketing and Finance. Younger sister, Briana, is a junior Finance major. Their uncle, Dick, spearheaded the creation of the Spinell Family Farmer School Athletics Scholarship, announced in January.

This weekend, as Spinell leads the Redhawks onto the ice in the "Joe" for their CCHA semi-final game, Farmer School students, faculty and staff will be cheering…some from their couches, many from the stands in Detroit.

Go 'Hawks. Love and Honor.