Major area employers give employees choice of unpaid days off work

August 2013

Josh Schwarz, Professor of Management, was quoted in an August 8th story in the Middletown Journal about unpaid furloughs for employees.

In an environment nowadays where workers are almost constantly plugged-in to work, being able to take more time off can improve quality of life for those employees who can afford to take days off without pay, said Joshua Schwarz, Miami University professor of management.

"From the employer perspective, this policy is kind of like a voluntary furlough, where payroll costs are cut, but human capital is not lost and unemployment tax penalties are not incurred," Schwarz said.

"If there is tight demand for those workers, employers can always deny employees' request for time off. If there is slack demand, it could be in an employer's interest to grant this leave as payroll costs are reduced," Schwarz said.

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