The Farmer School family mourns the loss of Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Member, Farmer School Alum and Benefactor, Bob Taylor

September 2013

Serial entrepreneur Bob Taylor is probably best known as the father of liquid soap, which he created after becoming frustrated with the gooey mess caused by bar soap. He also scored what Inc. Magazine declared one of the three shrewdest business moves ever made. He knew that if his "SoftSoap" was a success, it would be relatively easy for a huge company to create a similar product, and, with millions in ad dollars, quickly capture the market. He ordered 100 million little bottle hand-pumps from the only two U.S. manufacturers that made them, creating a back order so huge the companies couldn't make pumps for anybody else for more than a year.

After selling his SoftSoap brand, Taylor worked with designer Calvin Klein to introduce the Obsession line of women's fragrances. All told, Bob created and sold more than a dozen businesses during his lifetime, including those that produced toothpaste, shampoos, various kinds of soap and several hugely popular fragrances.

But he remained true to his Miami roots, advising budding entrepreneurs and providing insight to students and faculty. In 2007, Taylor named the auditorium used to host Farmer's most illustrious speakers, the David R. Taylor Auditorium, in honor of his son.