ISA Advisory Board recruits best and brightest from FSB

October 2013

On October 4, business students had the chance to rub elbows with representatives of the Information Systems & Analytics Advisory Board at their recruiting event.

The Advisory Board, which includes members from11 big-name companies, met Friday morning and then headed into the west corridor of the FSB Commons, where tables with posters and infographics were set up in anticipation of the event.

The recruiters on the ISA Advisory Board agree that Farmer students are far and above the best when it comes to job placement and recruitment. "The quality of the students here at Miami is top-notch," said one board member. "The facilities and interview coaching the business school provides help produce this quality, which is the best that I've seen."

Kristy Stamper, a senior Marketing major, came to the event mainly to network. She is currently on the hunt for an internship and wanted to see what opportunities there were. "I heard a lot of good things I could be doing with marketing research," she said. "It was definitely a positive experience."

Aaron Conover, a junior Management Information Systems major, had a different goal for attending the event: networking and maintaining his network of professional contacts. He already had an internship with one of the attending companies, Protiviti, a global business consulting firm that specializes in risk, advisory, and transaction services. Aaron is currently in the interview process with Protiviti and already has a second-round interview, so he wanted to touch base with the professionals who attended the event and make sure his face is still on their minds.

For more information about the ISA department and its advisory board, please visit For a list of jobs available with the 11 companies on the advisory board, visit the information site for the Oct. 4 recruiting event at