Students launch nonprofit to engage college students in fiscal policy

October 2013

Seniors Jeff Feiwell and Stephen Hostelley launched Project Green Room, to educate and engage college students about such fiscal issues as the deficit, debt ceiling and tax code. Their organization has been picking up momentum with news coverage and media attention.

Most recently, stories in USA Today and the local Journal News have applauded Project Green Room's founders for their proactive stance and educational efforts.

As Project Green Room's (PGR) website explains, "PGR was founded for college students, by college students. Jeff Feiwell and Stephen Hostelley have experience working in Washington D.C. and studying the fiscal and economic issues facing our nation and specifically our generation. They previously spent a semester meeting with the nation's leaders and working on Capitol Hill. After this experience, they came to realize that there is a serious crisis on our hands that puts the future of our generation in jeopardy. They are committed to working towards a bi-partisan solution for our generation all the while trying to make politics and policy as engaging as possible for millennials.

Read the stories here: USA Today: and The Journal News: