Farmer seniors fill fiscal knowledge gap with new project

November 2013

Seniors Jeff Feiwell and Stephen Hostelley are doing something not a lot of other students do before leaving the university. They've started an organization, and they're taking it to Washington, DC. Jeff and Steven have been working hard to promote Project Green Room (PGR), which they created earlier this year. The premise of PGR is simple: educate students about fiscal matters.

According to the PGR website, the goal of the organization is to make sure that the coming generation understands and takes a stand about the fiscal issues facing our country today, including the debt and the deficit. "By putting all other issues aside," says the first blog post, "we can focus on issues that will impact every American. By doing so, we plan on being able to engage with college students across the country and make sure that we can educate as many students as possible."

"We saw last election how much apathy there was toward fiscal issues," Jeff said, stating that fiscal issues, though not as popular as other social concerns, affect everyone, and especially those in the generation coming up now. "We didn't know exactly what to do," he said. "It started in a Farmer classroom. We sat down and asked ourselves what we could do to change this apathy." They believe that Project Green Room is the answer.

The website also states that PGR was created by college students for college students. PGR lives up to that mission statement by providing news about the fiscal state of our nation in language anyone understand. Jeff says that in the past month, the organization, which has applied for a 501(c)(4) nonprofit status, has gained a lot of traction, in part thanks to the mention of their project at the Anderson lecture with Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson.

On October 31, Project Green Room joined other young people—namely members of the organizations College Democrats and College Republicans— at the "Rally to Restore (Fiscal) Sanity" in Washington, DC hosted by an organization called "The Can Kicks Back." The event was part of a "non-partisan, millennial-led campaign" to involve the younger generation in what the government has been doing with their money: an appropriate platform for PGR to get behind.

"People should care about fiscal responsibility because it affects every person," Jeff said. "We're currently running on an unsustainable path, and it's going to affect young people the most."