Biz Quiz team finishes strong in national competition

November 2013

On the weekend of November 2, the FSB Wall Street Journal Biz Quiz Team recorded its highest-ever finish at the eighth annual Wall Street Journal Biz Quiz Competition: the team made the finals and eventually placed third.

The Biz Quiz Competition is a six-week competition in which teams read the front pages of the Wall Street Journal, Marketplace, Money and Investing, and the Personal Journal every day and try to remember as many details from those front-page stories as possible. At the end of the six weeks, teams from eighteen different schools meet and compete in a quiz-bowl like setting with buzzers and time limits to determine which team knows the most about the stories from these journals.

The Farmer School of Business was represented by senior Marketing major Wade Coffin, senior Accountancy major Michael Yee, and senior Marketing major Jackie Yaggi.

"I think it's really important to compete in events like this because it really takes you out of your comfort zone and creates a real challenge," Wade said. "It allows students to show the level of intelligence they have but also the level of commitment to something that isn't just school work. You can be the smartest person in the world, but unless you read those articles in the Wall Street Journal, you can't get the questions right, so it shows you have to be intelligent but also committed."

The top two spots were taken by teams representing Texas A&M and Ohio State, but the Farmer team remains proud of what they were able to accomplish.

"I believe the WSJ Biz Quiz is one of the most rigorous team-based competitions FSB students do all year," said advisor and marketing professor Tim Greenlee. Tim stressed how professional the Biz Quiz Team represented Miami and the Farmer School.

"We had a major sense of accomplishment afterwards and we had a blast at the event, which really made the whole thing completely worth it," Wade said.