Allison Jones-Farmer Interviewed by All Analytics

September 2014

Allison Jones-Farmer, Van Andel Professor of Business Analytics, was the subject of an extensive interview by Beth Schultz for "All Analytics" regarding the analytics skills gap.

Jones-Farmer was sought by the publication because of her acknowledged expertise in the field - including her teaching, research and board position on the Journal of Quality Technology.

Jones-Farmer noted, "more technically and mathematically inclined students need to be aware that analytics is a valuable career option. They need to be introduced to analytics early, and see what analytics professionals do. By the time the students get to college, it may be too late."

While Jones-Farmer acknowledges that the field isn't for everyone, she also believes, "In the future, companies will no longer use data to gain a competitive advantage, but data-driven decision making will be required for survival. Our ability to efficiently acquire, manage, and access data will continue to grow, and research will provide us with new ways to turn this data into information and eventually knowledge."

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