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The Farmer School of Business Professional MBA program located in West Chester gives you the skills necessary to propel your career to the next level. What will your M do for you?

Jill Peters

Jill’s M helped her ask the right questions and expand her responsibilities. What will your M do for you?

Alan Matuszak

Alan’s M helped set him apart. What will your M do for you?

Allie Coleman

Allie’s M helped her build life-long mentors. What will your M do for you?

Erica Epps

Erica’s M helped boost her confidence through collaboration. What will your M do for you?

Pam Allen

Pam’s M allowed her to implement new strategies at work. What will your M do for you?

Michael Truax

Michael’s M helped him build a new career. What will your M do for you?

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Jill Peters
  • Birthplace: Wooster, OH
  • Undergrad College: Wittenberg University
  • Current Employer: Procter & Gamble
  • Current Title: Clinical Trial Manager
  • Years at Company: 4 Years
  • Interests: Running, biking and skiing
  • Marital Status & Family: Married

I chose to get my MBA because I wanted to grow my career. I didn’t want a program that you just show up and get a diploma. I wanted something that would challenge me and knew Miami would be the right fit. - Jill Peters

Alan Matuszak
  • Birthplace: Chicago, IL
  • Undergrad College: University of Houston
  • Current Employer: Medidata Solutions
  • Current Title: Senior Director, Engineering
  • Years at Company: 1
  • Interests: Computer software, Cincinnati Reds fan, golf, dogs
  • Marital Status & Family: Married, 3 children, 2 of them in college

I decided to take on the finance specialization track. My job is not in finance. I have been in IT my entire career…and I wanted to tighten up what I knew about the financial aspect of the company. I think it has helped set me apart that I have the financial background from this education. – Alan Matuszak

Allie Coleman
  • Birthplace: Annapolis, MD
  • Undergrad College: Purdue University, BS Industrial Engineering 
  • Current Employer: General Cable Corporation
  • Current Title:  Product Engineer - Fiber Optic Cable
  • Years at Company: 2
  • Interests: Running, die-hard Purdue basketball fan, reading, trying out local coffee shops, hanging out with my cohort
  • Marital Status & Family: Engaged to a Miami alumnus. My sister is a Miami alumna, my brother is a current student, and my mom is a faculty member!

I think that everybody who goes through this MBA program is going to learn how to think strategically and the cohort and the immediacy of the interactions with the faculty and staff members will help you grow personally and professionally. – Allie Coleman

Erica Epps
  • Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey
  • Undergrad College: Albany State University (ASU) Albany, GA
  • Current Employer: 5/3 Bank
  • Current Title: Service to Solutions sales professional
  • Years at Company: 7 months
  • Interests: Networking, traveling, motivational readings, spending time with family
  • Marital Status & Family: Newlywed & Bonus Mom

I really wanted that brick and mortar classroom experience. It has become a mini-Miami family and I have truly enjoyed my teammates where it has allowed me to have a sense of pride and contribute to the team for their success and my success. – Erica Epps

Pam Allen
  • Birthplace: Anderson, IN
  • Undergrad College: The Ohio State University
  • Current Employer: UnitedHealthcare
  • Current Title: Director, Technology Program Delivery
  • Years at Company: 22
  • Interests: Addressing food insecurity, singing, hiking, kayaking, camping, caving,  animal rescue
  • Marital Status & Family: Married with 1 son, 2 step-sons, daughter in law, and 2 beautiful  granddaughters

The reason I chose Miami’s MBA program was reputation, top ranking and value. The opportunity to work with other professionals who work at very different companies than where I work. This gives me the opportunity to learn how other people do things and how I can take a different approach at my job. – Pam Allen

Michael Truax
  • Birthplace: Kent, Ohio
  • Undergrad College & Degree: Miami University, 2007. Journalism and Political Science.
  • Current Employer: G.E. Schmidt
  • Current Title: Marketing & Business Strategy Manager
  • Years at Company: 5
  • Interests & Hobbies: Cleveland sports, small business development, community involvement, woodworking
  • Marital Status & Family: Married with two children

My MBA from Miami University has really helped me grow my career in a way that I really didn’t expect. My thought was that it would refresh some of my technical business skills, but the reality is it really truly improved my leadership and strategic thinking skills. – Michael Truax


Program at a Glance

  • Conveniently located in West Chester
  • Access to Farmer School of Business Network
  • 95% of graduates were satisfied with overall experience
  • 95% would recommend the program to others
  • 92% graduation rate from the program
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours of career focused electives. 

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