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Interdisciplinary Business Management Major and Career Info

The interdisciplinary business management curriculum is available for the student whose career goals require a program covering the broad area of business. This major is appropriate for the student who wishes to postpone specialization until graduate school, the business student who wishes to prepare for admission to law school, students pursuing an international career, or work in government or non-profit organizations.

Beyond the business core taken by all business majors, this major features an advanced core of classes centered on economic, legal, managerial, and sales aspects of the business transaction. Students complete the major by taking additional courses in one of two tracks: business legal studies or international business.


Business Legal Studies

  • Develop managerial understanding of the legal process and its relationship to the marketplace
  • Understand issues of liability, governmental regulation of business, and public policy
  • Establish context for the origin and evolution of law, especially in its interfacing with commercial activities

International Business

  • Analyze environmental factors in which international businesses operate
  • Develop an understanding of the cultural, political, legal, and economic constraints
  • Explore the problems, challenges, and opportunities facing multinational corporations

Career Opportunities

Business Legal Studies

  • Law School
  • Legal Assistant

International Business

  • Graduate School
  • Multinational Corporations

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