Apply to Be a Business Writing Consultant

Application Deadline: TBA

We are hiring business majors to serve as consultants in the 2018-2019 academic year. HWI consultants work with FSB students both in-person and online to help them create effective written and oral communication projects.

BUS 203: Business Writing Consulting

To be considered for the paid position, you must first apply for admission to the six-week, one-credit sprint course, BUS 203: Business Writing Consulting (Fall 2018, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:50-4:10). In BUS 203, You will learn theories and practices for consulting and have the opportunity to both observe and learn to consult with writers in the HWI. You will also review key genres of business writing, including memos, letters, executive summaries, reports, proposals, and visual presentation aids.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to be a paid consultant in the center during the same semester of the course and in subsequent semesters and years. (Note: You must be eligible to work in the U.S. The rate of pay will be at the Student Associate level, 8.20 per hour.)

Roles as Consultants

As a consultant, your primary responsibility will be to assist students who make appointments at the HWI. Other responsibilities may include developing outreach and educational opportunities for students, including helping to contribute to web resources and helping to design and possibly co-facilitate writing workshops.

You are encouraged to bring your personal and professional interests to the HWI to sustain its mission and develop future visions. As a team, the HWI is committed to creative and innovative thinking that promotes students' development as business writers. In BUS 203 and in your work with the HWI, you will have the opportunity not only to improve your own professional communication skills, but also to develop as professionals and to engage in collaborative and innovative thinking with the HWI Team.

How to Apply

The application process to be accepted into BUS 203 is as follows:

  1. Application Packet: Please email the HWI ( the following by midnight on TBA:
    • A cover letter discussing your interest and qualifications for the position; areas you might discuss include:
      • Experiences you have had relevant to business, writing, professional communication, mentoring and/or tutoring.
      • Specific talents or skills you bring to the position. These could include work experience, expertise learned in business courses, technical or artistic skills, organizational abilities, other talents that might enrich the Howe Writing Initiative
    • A resume
    • The name and email of a Miami faculty member whom we may contact for a recommendation (The faculty member does not need to write a letter. We will contact them.)
  2. Interview (for select applicants): After applications are reviewed, some applicants will be invited for short interviews in the HWI occurring TBA. 


Contact Becky Morrison at and feel free to stop by the HWI in-person during the hours we're open.