Photo Contest

Deadline for Submission

October 20, 2017

Academic Term Eligibility

  • Spring Semester 2017
  • Summer Term 2017


Photos taken during Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 academic terms will be accepted for this contest. Photos must be high quality, preferably with a resolution of 300 DPI. Up to five total submissions are welcome.


  • Candid photos sometimes work better than a posed shot
  • Find a unique background
  • Outdoor images usually have better lighting than indoor ones
  • Take a variety of unique photos and submit your best work

Not welcome in photos:

  • Alcohol
  • Bathing suits
  • Dangerous adventures (on top of a cliff)


Super Selfie

This cateogry includes selfies that are taken abroad or away. Be creative.

People, Place, Culture, and Traditions

Photographs in the People, Culture, and Traditions category show Miami students interacting with the way of life in their study abroad locations.

Academics Abroad

Photographs in the Academics Abroad category show Miami students studying abroad from all over he world. It highlights their field trips, their studying, and their participation in student activities and organizations.

Love & Honor

The Love & Honor category represents Miami abroad. In every photograph, the Miami logo is placed somewhere within it.


There will be four winners for each category, therefore a total of 16 students will receive a bag of #MiamiOHabroad swag. This swag bag will include items such as Luxembourg fleeces, t-shirts, Miami flags, selfie sticks, etc.

  1. First Place
  2. Second Place
  3. Third Place
  4. "Most liked on Facebook"

By submitting your photos and descriptions to the contest, you give Miami University permission to use your submissions for publicity and promotional purposes, including brochures, websites and presentations.