Our Mission

Miami University strives to be a community that values the contributions of all groups of people. It seeks to support a challenging intellectual environment that embraces a variety of diverse experiences. With the understanding that inter-group relations in both formal and informal settings are necessary to accomplish this goal, the University is committed to developing a Center for American and World Cultures to assist in its efforts to foster a more understanding and inclusive campus environment.

The Center will implement programs and activities, which as its highest priority, will celebrate and value racial, ethnic, religious, social, and lifestyle differences. The objectives of the programming at the Center will be to celebrate the richness of diversity, to complement the students' liberal arts education, to support faculty efforts to create a richer educational experience for students, and to foster the value of continuous learning about cultures and diverse ideas through opportunities for cultural expression and support. It will offer still another point of connection in the effort to link the academic mission and co-curricular activities.

The mission of the Center for American and World Cultures is to provide spaces of investigation and encounter about American and world cultures to build students’ multicultural competencies and prepare them for informed global engagement. The Center for American and World Cultures provides unique opportunities that contribute to making the Miami student experience among the very best in the nation.

Core Values

Transformative Education

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We value knowledge, academic excellence, intellectual challenges, imagination, and engaged learning. Inter/multi-disciplinary approaches and comparative perspectives are at the core of all we do to promote transformational learning.

Global Citizenship

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We foster inter-cultural and cross-cultural learning through a broad variety of formal and informal educational opportunities. The creation of an informed culturally competent, globally knowledgeable, inclusive, and socially-responsible student body through these means is central to
our mission.


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We value collaboration through cross-campus partnerships with academic units, student affairs units, individual faculty, staff, students, members of the community and local, regional, state, national, and international organizations. Linking innovative curricular and cocurricular efforts that support our mission is pivotal to our work.