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Students perform in annual Chinese skit competition
On Tuesday, April 9, students from varying levels of Chinese courses performed skits showcasing their mastery of the Chinese language. All students created a skit for class, and the best ones were chosen to participate in the competition.
The Confucius Institute celebrates the Lunar New Year with the community
The Confucius Institute held various events throughout the month of February to celebrate the Lunar New Year with local schools and businesses.
The Confucius Institute hosts Lunar New Year Gala
lunar-new-year-gala-header-imageThe Confucius Institute hosted its annual Lunar New Year Gala with three famous Chinese musicians and performances from student clubs.
The Confucius Institute hosts "Art of Paper" workshop
art-of-paper-header-image.pngThe Confucius Institute held a workshop of paper-based crafts to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Ring in the Lunar New Year at Miami
ring-in-the-lunar-new-year-at-miamiJoin the Confucius Institute, the Chinese American Cultural Association and the Performing Arts Series in celebrating the Lunar New Year with performances from famous Chinese musicians.
First-Year Student Helps Teach Miami Staff and Faculty Chinese Language Skills
jingjing-banner.jpgJingjing Luo was scrolling through her WeChat messages one day when something caught her eye. In a group chat of all the Chinese first years, she noticed a post advertising a need for students to help with a conversational Chinese course for Miami staff and faculty.
The Confucius Institute Hosts Fourth Bi-Annual Duanwei Test
group-photo-after-duanwei-test.jpgOn December 3, the Confucius Institute hosted a duanwei test, a form of ranking for Chinese martial arts. This allowed students to test their skills after practicing all semester.
Musicians visit Oxford before Cincinnati Youth Chinese Music and Art Festival
festival-banner.jpgOn October 30th, musicians from Liaoning Normal University (LNNU) arrived in Oxford for five days of musical performances and demonstrations. Their visit ended on Saturday, Nov. 3, with the Cincinnati Youth Chinese Music and Art Festival, which included a talent show featuring local students and ended with a performance by the LNNU musicians.
Liaoning Normal University Musicians Perform Chinese Music Impressions
impressions-banner.jpgThe lights dimmed as the audience grew quiet. The audience filled the Souers Recital Hall, waiting expectantly for the show to begin. As the clock struck 7:30, the host came on stage, reading first and Chinese and then in English to welcome everyone there and to announce the first performers. All of the musicians are highly regarded professors at Liaoning Normal University in China, led by Professor Shihu Liu, the Dean of Music School.