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Miami Welcomes Dr. Gao for a Lecture Series on Chinese Archaeology
chinese-archaeology-lecture-1.pngMiami University welcomed guest speaker Xing Gao for a series of lectures and class visits on the subject of his groundbreaking research.
Chinese Martial Arts at NationaliTea
marital-arts-nationalitea.pngMiami University's Confucius Institute and Global Initiatives hosted a NationaliTea event on Chinese martial arts in the MacMillan Great Room.
CI Co-Hosts New Year Concert and Celebration
ci-new-year-concert-2016-2.pngTo welcome the year of the monkey, the Miami University Department of Music, Confucius Institute and the Chinese American Cultural Association, joined forces, hosting an exciting concert.
Confucius Institute Co-Hosted New Year Festivities with Local Schools
ci-new-year-local-schools.pngBetween February 4 and February 11, the talented staff members of the Confucius Institute traveled to four schools in the Cincinnati area.
CI Hosts Tea-Themed Chinese New Year Celebration
ci-tea-themed-celebration-2016.pngTo welcome the Year of the Monkey, Confucius Institute hosted a tea-themed Chinese New Year celebration on Feb.8th.
CI Attends Ohio Chinese Festival 2016
ci-2016-ohio-chinese-festival.pngOn January 30, 2016, the Confucius Institute Staff and students from Lion Club traveled from Oxford to Columbus to partake in the Ohio Chinese Festival as a co-sponsor.
Confucius Institute holds 2019 martial arts certification test for spring semester
The Confucius Institute held its fifth bi-annual duanwei test on Tuesday, May 7. A duanwei test is a certification test for Chinese martial arts to determine if participants can proceed to the next level.