Corporate Services

Allow CCI to help you manage meaningful and tangible professional growth in your over-scheduled world. Whether you’re interested in your own professional growth or you oversee the development of others, CCI can help you strategize and implement.

Once learning objectives are finalized, we get to work! CCI understands the needs of adult learners and, by being more focused and targeted, the more likely learning will transfer into the preferred workplace behavior. By using formal, informal and experiential learning, the audience can be supported and learn in bite-size, relevant and flexible formats to address the immediate need.

Instructors are selected, in part, based on their subject-matter expertise, experience in the field and ability to bring real-world application and case studies into the classroom. Assessment tools, facilitation skills, capturing management input and support are just of the few of the ways our instructors tailor the training.

CCI can provide turn-key solutions for identifying and managing your development initiatives.


CCI can assist you with identifying, growing and advancing your most valuable human assets through the use of select assessments. Few decisions have more impact on an organization than the strategic staffing and development of top talent. With assessments, companies can better ensure the right person is in the right job leading to higher productivity, reduced turnover and increased morale. A few of our most frequently used assessments are Everything DiSC, Strengths, EthicsGame, Emotional Intelligence and SHL for Manufacturing – Production Team Member and Skilled Maintenance.

Assessments, designed to be a tool to assist with decision making, help eliminate our subconscious preferences and attitudes towards work-related competencies that relate to job success.


Facilitating a masterful, unbiased meeting is a talent that many companies choose to outsource. Whether establishing a strategic direction, conducting a vision retreat, working through internal conflict or leading an important staff meeting, having “fresh eyes” along with the talent to keep attendees on task is a valued service CCI offers to clients.

Our facilitators will plan, guide and manage your group’s event to ensure that your objectives are met, through clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

Full-Service Approach

CCI’s goal is to be your partner in designing the most optimum, relevant and results-oriented learning event for you or your employees. This starts with a needs assessment and ends with a highly-rated evaluation. CCI’s services include:

  • Understanding key learning objectives through conversations with key individuals
  • Securing the best instructor/consultant for your project
  • Preparing and submitting proposal and agreement for approval
  • Designing/tailoring course curriculum
  • Arranging professional course materials
  • Securing on/off-site venue
  • Setting up rooms
  • Assisting instructor or consultant with instructional content
  • Administering behind-the-scenes coverage (name tents, sign-in sheets, evaluations/report, etc.)
  • Managing Miami University continuing education units (CEUs) when applicable
  • Hosting (if event held at a Miami facility)

You have good people—the right professional development opportunities can make them great! Let Miami University's Corporate & Community Institute be your business partner for organizational health.