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ILR teacher showing the students a wine glass

Engaged. Enriched. Enlightened.

ILR teacher showing students a plant outside

Engaged. Enriched. Enlightened.

ILR students learning from teacher in the classroom

Engaged. Enriched. Enlightened.

Teach for ILR

Do you have a profession, hobby, passion or interest that would benefit our senior community?

We encourage you to complete the online ILR Course Proposal for the upcoming term.

Note: Only course instructors and coordinators should complete this form. (Speakers who are part of a lecture series should not complete a proposal form. The course coordinator will gather the information from all speakers and then complete the form.) If you have any questions about this form, please contact our office.

Complete the ILR Course Proposal

Volunteer for ILR

As a member-driven organization committed to providing a high-quality program at the lowest possible cost, we rely heavily on volunteers to help in a variety of ways including serving on the Board and/or committees (Curriculum, Special Events, Liaison, Publicity, Volunteer) and helping with such tasks as the following:

  • Providing computer support (typing, graphic design, database management)
  • Promoting ILR
  • Distributing materials
  • Proofreading
  • Writing confirmation and thank-you letters
  • Assisting with registration
  • Reviewing archival materials
  • Scanning/copying documents
  • Updating member information records
  • Helping instructors with AV equipment

The above tasks are intermittent and require a total commitment of 2–10 hours in the Spring or Fall. Some tasks require coming into the ILR Office while others can be done off campus.

Complete the Online Volunteer Form