Andres Oliver

Study Abroad Assistant

Education Background

  • Master’s in International Education (in progress), SIT Graduate Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Japanese, Emory University

Travel Background

I lived in a small town in Germany for five years as a child before moving to the States. I also have relatives in Uruguay and Mexico, so my family and I try to visit every few years. In college, I spent a year abroad in Kyoto, Japan, which played a large part in my decision to teach English in Japan after graduation. I ended up spending two years in Aomori City, located at the very northern end of the main island of Honshu. Apart from being the snowiest city on earth, Aomori is known for being the birthplace of Fuji apples and playing host to the yearly Nebuta Festival, in which teams of men and women pull huge, handcrafted floats of warriors and mythological figures up and down the main thoroughfare.

Travel Tip

Don’t be afraid to opt for less traditional locations. There are still hundreds of landmarks and even whole countries that have yet to turn into tourist hotspots. With travel becoming more accessible to many around the world, now is the time to visit those locations before they explode in popularity.