Student Study Abroad Ambassadors

luluabdunLulu Abdun

Year: Senior 

Majors: Psychology, Black World Studies

Minor: Linguistics

Hometown: Memphis, TN

During the fall semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Rwanda on SIT Study Abroad’s Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding program based in Kigali. I chose this program because I wanted an academically rigorous program and one that focused on social issues. Additionally, my father is from Kenya, so I was looking for a program in Africa, and more specifically East Africa. Furthermore, my mother was an academic director for SIT in Kenya, so I had heard about their experiential learning and independent study projects. While abroad, some of my values were solidified by the lifechanging experiences I had – forgiveness, peace, reconciliation, unity, community, and justice. Throughout this experience, I was able to learn about hard subjects (i.e. history of Rwanda, anatomy of genocide and intrastate conflict, peacebuilding, etc.), immerse myself in Rwandan culture, learn Kinyarwanda language skills, listen to stories having to do with genocide and conflict, and reflect on my place in this world.

jordangilliganJordan Gilligan

Year: Junior 

Majors: Psychology, Professional Writing

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

During the spring of 2018, I sutdied abroad in at the Miami University John E. Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg. It was an incredible experience where I stayed with a host family and explored all of Europe. I decided on this program because I wanted a semester abroad experience that would count for Miami credit. I also knew I wanted to travel a lot while I was there so it was a perfect fit. While in Luxembourg, I took rigrious Miami plan classes that also had study tours to different counteries. For example, in my journalism class I went to Porto, Portugal and in my sociology class I went to Slovenia. I also spent my time volunteering at a thearputic horse farm in Luxembourg. I worked at the stables and was able to get to know the people there were struggling with mental health issues. It was prevelant that the Luxembourg community was active in supporting this and it was a great way to get to know locals in the area.

alsip.pngMaddie Alsip

Year: Junior

Majors: Marketing

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I studied at Miami University John E Dolibois European Center in Differdange, Luxembourg during the fall of my sophomore year. I chose MUDEC because of its central location in Europe, the ability to earn Miami credit, and the affordable cost. While living like a local with a host family, I took classes with Miami students in English. Which was ideal for me since I didn't know the local language. I was able to earn credit for the Miami plan and also Farmer School of Business classes, which counted towards my major. However, I also took classes which focsed on the cultural history of Luxembourg and western Europe. With my History of Western Music class, I traveled to Salzburg and Vienna, Austria to explore the journey of music. We also saw the opera Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss in the Vienna Opera House. While traveling through eastern and western Europe, I learned about the cultures and how they were similar and different to my own. Over the course of my personal trips with other students, and time spent with my host family and professors, I grew close relationships with people from all around the world. MUDEC provided a close knit community that is unmatched in care and kindness.

tatum.pngEmily Tatum

Year: Senior

Majors: International Studies, Political Science

Minors: Latin American Studies, Spanish

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

During the fall semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador with the IES Abroad Direct Enrollment Program. I focus on U.S.-Latin American relations in my studies, and I have always been fascinated with the politics and culture of South America. I ended up choosing to study in Quito because of the opportunity to directly enroll in classes at a local university and to be surrounded by the Andes mountains every day. I arrived early to intern over the summer with the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Quito. Then that fall through IES Abroad, I took my classes in Spanish at Universidad San Francisco de Quito with local students and lived with a host family. I coupled my international relations classes with a weekly salsa dancing student organization. Living and studying in Quito was one of my highlights of my time at Miami. I was overwhelmed by the kindness that my Ecuadorian friends shared with me and by the amount that I grew academically and personally during those six months.

lucythomas.jpgLucy Thomas

Year: Senior

Major: International Studies, Latin American Studies

Minors: Spanish

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

During the fall semester of 2017 I studied abroad in Alicante, Spain (about and hour and a half away from Barcelona) with CIEE Study Abroad Program. I did not go with any other Miami students but I ended up meeting other American students within my program. There were three levels of Spanish language proficiency, I was in the most advanced group so as a result all of my classes were in Spanish and I took 16 credit hours of subject courses from CIEE professors about Spain. There was an opportunity for direct enrollment that many students took, and it was a great way to meet Spanish students. I ended up becoming friends with one of our Spanish buddies who participated in events with CIEE students. He and I traveled together, I met his family and his friends and experienced his hometown and the real culture of Spain. It was an unforgettable experience because although I learned so much in the classroom, it was the application of knowledge and traveling with my program that helped me to truly learn in Spain. I had a host mother who also was the most influential teacher in the four months I was there, evey day I spoke with her and asked questions was another opportunity for me. I am so grateful that I was with CIEE becuase they had so many cultural activities, were kind and generous and led me to a volunteering position teaching physically disabled adults English. I absolutely loved my students and it was a highlight of my time there. I looked forward to seeing them and learning from them as well inside and out of the classroom. I would truly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn another language, full emersion is the only way to truly understand the culture you wish to know. I experienced a huge level of independence, gained lifelong friends, and branched out in a way that I never knew I could. I would highly recommend CIEE to anyone, at any language level no matter where they want to go, because they took care of me and gave me insight to a culture I never would have known without them.

clarequinnClare Quinn

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Marketing, Political Science

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

During the Spring of 2018 I studied at Miami University’s Luxembourg campus, I then continued my stay in Luxembourg by participating in the Summer Internship Program. Living in Luxembourg was the best 7 months of my life. I was able to travel to over 20 countries and 45 cities and learn all about Luxembourg. This program was the perfect fit for me because I was able to receive Miami credit for my classes and have the chance to meet other Miami students, some of which I now consider my closest friends. I am so thankful to Miami for giving me this experience and will cherish it for the rest of my life!