Continuing Education

Global Initiatives' Continuing Education administers a variety of credit and non-credit programs that broaden the traditional Miami classroom experience for learners of all ages.

Participants can enroll in courses to enhance professional skills, develop global competencies, explore a creative interest, or to earn a certificate to boost occupational marketability. Programs are held on-campus, online, locally, and globally. You can enroll in any term, or in a special session, such as summerterm, winterterm, or spring break. Explore the options!

Graduate Course Credit: If not already admitted to the university, credit program admission is only applicable for credit programs offered through Global Initiatives.  A bachelor's degree is required to receive graduate credit for a program.  No more than eight of the most recent graduate hours earned on Credit Program or Continuing Graduate non-degree Standing (CGS)  can be applied toward a graduate degree, and then only with the approval of the department.

To apply to a graduate degree program or CGS, go to Graduate Admissions.