Paper Submission and Registration

Participating in the Graduate Research Forum is a great way to develop presentation skills and to learn about research in other graduate departments. You can present your research in an oral or a poster session.   The Graduate Research Forum is open to all current graduate students. The 2018 Graduate Research Forum is Friday, November 9th at the Armstrong Student Center.  Sessions will begin at approximately 1:00 pm. The final schedule will be announced in mid-October.

The Graduate Research Forum is an interdisciplinary event where all presentations are evaluated by a graduate alum or faculty member.  All presentations should be prepared for an intelligent, non-expert audience. A goal of this forum is for graduate students to develop the ability to communicate the importance of their research and scholarship with people outside of their discipline. Registration is quick and easy! 

Oral Sessions

Oral sessions are 75 minutes with four to six presenters. Each presenter has 8-10 minutes to present their research to the audience, with questions during the last 10 minutes of the oral session. Awards in the form of professional expense funds are given to the top three oral presentations.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are 75 minutes and each presenter has a 42" x 64" cork surface to hang his or her poster. Presenters discuss their research with an audience that will circulate throughout the event. Awards in the form of professional expense funds are given to the top three poster presentations.


The deadline for submitting abstracts for the 2018 Graduate Research Forum is September 26, 2018

To submit your work for presentation to the Graduate Research Forum:

  • Prepare an abstract in non-expert language with a maximum of 500 words
  • Create a title that is meaningful to a non-expert audience and is a maximum of 125 characters (no jargon or technical language)
  • Name and Presentation title at the top of the abstract;
  • Save as a Microsoft Word document - single space, Times New Roman 12 pt font.

Click on Registration to complete the registration form and to upload your abstract. Please review all information before submitting. After submitting the registration form you will receive a confirmation email. If you have problems with registration or have questions, contact the Graduate School at or 529-3734. In October you will receive a preliminary copy of the program.