Linduo Zhao, Geology, "Nitrate-Dependent Fe (II) Oxidation by Strain 2002"

2011 Graduate Research Forum Top Poster Presentation


Linduo ZhaoLinduo Zhao, a Miami University doctoral student in the department of Geology, received recognition as one of the top Poster Presentations at the 2011 Miami University Graduate Research Forum for her work "Nitrate-Dependent Fe (II) Oxidation by Strain 2002."  This research focused on the application of iron-rich clay minerals to remediate nitrate pollution occurring in groundwater.  Zhao's work resulted in the finding that nitrate-dependent Fe (II) oxidizing bacteria are able to oxidize Fe (II) in clay minerals while simultaneously denitrifying nitrate to innocuous nitrogen gas.  The findings are significant in the scientific effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the recycled remediation method.

WIth a research interest in the interactions between microorganisms and clay minerals and the remediation technologies of water contamination, Zhao hopes to continue to study in this area.  Dr. Hailiang Dong, who inspired Zhao to explore various research and study methods, advised her current work.

Zhao hopes to pursue a teaching career in the future upon graduation from Miami University.  To help others learn and create interest in science is a passion for Zhao.  "Digesting knowledge, presenting them in an easily understandable way and inspiring people sounds like an attractive career to me" said Zhao.